Friday, July 6, 2018

Keeping pain under wraps

Manage muscle pain and injuries without resorting to codeine

Muscle and joint pain is always a tricky problem to treat. Whether you have a sports injury, arthritis, or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), the pain and discomfort that occurs around the clock can be debilitating to your way of life.

What are the current treatments? 

One way doctors treat these conditions is with codeine-based medications. As an opioid, codeine can no doubt provide very effective pain relief, but it’s for the very same reason that it carries more than its share of risks. Side effects such as drowsiness and constipation are common, while other less common reactions can range from very irritating to life threatening. And that’s not even taking into account codeine’s potential for physical dependence.

In many cases, there’s a safer and less intrusive way to treat these conditions. One way that can prove effective is with the use of thermal support wraps. Thermoskin products are leaders in this field, with a range of wraps covering just about every muscle pain site imaginable.

Keeping your pain under wraps

It works like this: Thermoskin wraps are made with an insulative lining that uses the body’s natural body heat along with moisture wicking to keep the area oxygenated. This combines with firm but comfortable compression at the site to promote blood flow, reduce swelling, and supports muscles and joints in their range of movement.

While it can provide relief to sufferers of arthritis and other chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions, these thermal support wraps can shine with helping those with sports injuries get back in the game faster.

Recover the right way 

By providing muscle pain relief, supporting muscles and joints, and guiding your body to the best healing posture, athletes can find themselves running on the road to recovery. As a well-proven product for treating sports strain and injury, Thermoskin in particular has been endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Australian Institute of Sport for years.

Keep in mind that this is all in very strong contrast to codeine-based pain medications, which may block pain, but does little to assist recovery for sports related strain. Also hard to take into account for codeine is its lack of adaptability--doctors can only prescribe more or less, and that codeine hits the whole body. But human bodies are far too unique to fit into one scale.

This is especially true with athletes, who exhibit perhaps the widest range of body types as a group. You have super tall basketballers, built-of-bricks rugby players, small and flexible gymnasts or tough and wiry marathon runners.

Custom made to fit any body type 

Thermal support wraps like Thermoskin offer custom made wraps to suit individuals at the site of pain for more effective management. The service carries a minimal extra charge, but the opportunity for a tailor-made solution is undoubtedly unmissable for athletes eager to get back to 100%.

When it comes to muscle and joint pain management, there’s a lot of value in letting your body tackle the problem.