Friday, July 20, 2018

Everyday Relief from Foot Pain with Thermoskin Socks

Foot pain from tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or simple overuse injuries can be debilitating. When you experience pain with every step, even everyday activities can potentially be a complex chore. If you suffer from foot pain due to inflammation or overuse, there are treatments that can help you get back to your routine available.

One of these, referred to as - or resting, icing, compressing and elevating, is a proven system designed to provide immediate and long-term relief from pain due to overuse, injury and inflammation.


Giving your body an opportunity to recover on its own begins with rest. If you think you’ve sustained a simple foot injury from overuse, such as training for a marathon, allowing yourself time to rest should be step number one of your treatment plan.

If rest or any other at-home treatment don’t seem to be helping, or you feel worse after a few days, it’s time to see a doctor for a more in-depth look


Icing constricts your blood vessels, which in turn reduces pain as well as swelling in affected areas. Ice treatments are commonly associated with acute injuries such as strains or sprains, but cooling is also highly recommended for any pain from overuse and a range of other chronic conditions. Ice helps control inflammation, reduces muscle cramping and helps to control pain.


Compression provides support where needed, minimises any swelling that may accompany your pain and decreases comfort so you can still go about your daily routine.

Thermoskin Socks

Thermoskin compression socks provide everyday compression without the use of restrictive bandaging. They work by using breathable, graduated compression fibers that carefully apply pressure in precise areas in order to promote blood flow without sacrificing comfort. Thermoskin compression socks effectively utilize upward compression to support the foot while greatly reducing stress felt by feet and ankles. Unlike other compression socks that utilize indiscriminate overall pressure, Thermoskin compression socks apply compression precisely where your foot needs it most.

Compression socks by Thermoskin are available in three lengths: calf, mid-calf (or crew) and ankle. All lengths utilize the same science to apply support and stimulate blood flow. This helps to promote healing while minimising pain.

Thermoskin products use soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial fabrics to prolong comfort and prevent odors. We encourage customers to look closely before purchasing cheaper imitations, which may claim similar benefits but are often made from inferior materials.

These socks provide all-day relief for wearers.

Recommended Products

Calf Compression Socks

This particular sock offers moderate and graduated compression all the way from the ankle to the top of the calf for full lower leg support. These compression socks are ideal for anyone needing relief from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonities and various other foot and heel complaints.
The firm upward compression in the arch provides relief from pain and fatigue, and swelling is minimised throughout the lower leg, ankle and foot. These socks use silver microbial fibers to prevent odors and feature a footpad at the ball of the foot for extra comfort through proper cushioning.

Crew Compression Socks

Thermoskin crew socks stop mid-calf and are an excellent solution for wearers looking for support and pain relief from plantar fasciitis, general foot and heel pain, pain in the arches and heel spurs. Like all Thermoskin socks, these socks feature proper medical support through the use of high-quality compression materials that help to apply upward compression in all the right areas.

Ankle Compression Socks

Thermoskin Walk-On Plantar FXT Socks are an ideal everyday solution to the problem of common foot, heel and arch pain from plantar fasciitis, overuse or simple sports injuries. Additional cushioning at the ball of the foot provides comfort all day while standing, walking or engaging in other activities.

Like all Thermoskin products, the ankle compression socks are made with only high-quality and functional materials, including silver microbial fibers to prevent odors from occurring.

Thermoskin Walk-On compression socks provide support for the plantar fascia, foot arches and your achilles tendons. Anyone suffering from foot and heel complaints such as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs can benefit from the daily comfortable relief these socks provide.

Use Thermoskin Walk-On compression socks in combination with regular stretching and icing to maximise your benefits.


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