Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Avoid Common Cycling Injuries

As the weather begins to warm up, Australians of all ages are getting into the spirit of biking and cycling. Cycling is one the most enjoyable forms of exercise because it is very easy to get started and there are so many places where you can cycle. However, with greater physical activity comes greater chance of injury, especially while cycling. So how can you avoid hurting yourself while you get out and enjoy cycling? We’ll take you through some of the most common cycling injuries and how you can combat or prevent these with proper equipment.

Knee Pain

As with any sport that requires excessive lower body activity, it makes sense that your knees might experience some injury or fatigue when you cycle. This injury can be caused by anything, such as overexerting your muscles or poor peddling form. One easy way to keep knee pain at bay is to practice your form. You will be amazed at how much better your knee will feel once you start peddling appropriately. If you need a more all-encompassing treatment, we recommend a knee brace or sleeve that will help keep your knee aligned while peddling without having to do any extra work. Our Thermoskin Cooper Knee Alignment Sleeve is a great option for controlling knee pain during your rides, as well as lessening knee pain when resting

Lower Back Pain

Whenever you keep your upper body in the same position for an extended period of time, pressure on your vertebrae can build up and the chance of developing lower back pain increases. This can be especially difficult because keeping your upper body stationary is a crucial part of maintaining control over the bike. When your bike will not allow you to change positions without sacrificing control, we recommend wearing the Thermoskin Sacroiliac Support Belt while you are off your bike to help mitigate any back pain. This will make your next bike ride much more comfortable.

Muscle Tightness

If you’re an avid cycler, you are all too familiar with the muscle tightness you experience in your calves and hamstrings once you get off the bike. One very simple way to combat this muscle tightness is to stay hydrated and warm up before you take a long or strenuous ride. Simply letting your muscles get accustomed to more intense movements will keep them from seizing up once you’re finished cycling. Further, you can use our Marble Foam Balance Roller to roll out any muscle tightness or stiffness before and after you cycle to provide more immediate and long lasting relief.

Saddle Sores

Cycling, while a great way to exercise, is one of the few sports that can actually lead to injury from sitting down for too long. When you sit in the same place while you cycle, the friction between your skin, shorts and bike seat can cause painful rashes that make it difficult to enjoy the ride. A very simple remedy to this injury is simply being sure that you are wearing the appropriate cycling garments to prevent any chaffing or inflammation.

Even though cycling can lead to some uncomfortable injuries, there are multiple ways that you can combat this discomfort for a more enjoyable and satisfying experience. Whether you consider yourself a pro or are just starting to dip your toes into the world of cycling, it’s important to think about how to prevent injuries and how to remedy them when afflicted.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Combating Knee Injuries with the Thermoskin Patella Stabiliser

Injuries to your patella, otherwise known as the kneecap, can be a painful and debilitating part of your life if gone untreated. Patella injuries may be caused by a variety of factors like overexerting yourself during exercise or simply having a natural predisposition to a weak patella. However, there is an easy way to combat this injury and the associated discomfort without compromising the activity you enjoy in your everyday life. With the Thermoskin Patella Stabiliser, you can take control back over your knees and your life.

Designed with your comfort and mobility in mind, the Thermoskin Patella Stabiliser can be worn before, during and after you decide to exercise, providing comfort and support to your knees no matter how rigourous the activity. Further, the clinically developed Trioxon Advantage material makes the stabiliser even more comfortable by providing moisture wicking capability when you decide to exercise with it on. Additionally, this specially-designed material promotes increased blood flow to areas around the brace, which enhances the rehabilitation of injured soft tissue.

One problem many experience with other supports is the restriction they impose on the wearer’s knee. While the pain relief they provide is valuable, the comfort does not mean much to the user if they can’t move or be active while wearing their brace. With the Thermoskin Knee Stabiliser, you can be confident in your freedom of movement as the support is contour-shaped to provide maximum mobility and make it feel as if you are not wearing a support at all. Additionally, the brace’s adjustable straps provide a perfect and comfortable fit for any wearer. Again, the Trioxon Advantage material also increases the elasticity of your muscles, allowing you an even greater range of motion than you believed possible even while not wearing the brace.

Endorsed by the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) and AIS (Australian Institute of Sport), the Thermoskin Patella Stabiliser can even be used during sleep to promote maximum rehabilitation of your affected areas. This knee support is a valuable investment, not only in your overall wellness, but an investment in your future happiness. The Thermoskin Patella Stabiliser makes it easy to reclaim control of your life, while providing your body with time to heal your knees.  

If you have further questions regarding the Thermoskin Patella Stabaliser, please refer to the product page on our website or feel free to directly contact us with questions by calling 1800 117 796. For further information how to best use this helpful product, refer to this video for instruction on how to wear the knee support. At iHealthSphere, we are committed to your continued health and happiness by providing you the best health and rehabilitation products for your active daily life.