Thursday, July 6, 2017

Relieve Chronic Joint Pain and Arthritis with Premax Muscle Cream

Winter is a physically troubling season for many. Whether you are an athlete or someone who suffers from seasonal joint pain, the achiness that tends to creep up during long winter months can be extremely debilitating. While joint pain can arise in individuals at any point during the year, the cold and wet months of the winter tend to make the pain much more difficult to cope with.

Although changes in temperature and weather are not directly correlated to the development of arthritis or other joint pains, these environmental changes can greatly worsen preexisting symptoms in individuals. In cold temperatures, our bodies tend to restrict blood flow to outer extremities, like our hands and feet, so it can focus on supplying vital organs with the nutrients it needs. Consequentially, our joints receive less blood and nutrients, making them more susceptible to pain and discomfort. Doctors have also noted that in the cold weather, the soft tissues around the joints become less pliable, so joints tend to feel tight and stiff. This stiffness is extremely hard to bear and can make the winter one of the most painful times of year for thousands of people nationwide.

Arthritis is one of the most common joint conditions, affecting nearly 4 million Australians. While it has the ability to affect people of all different ages, the condition is found primarily in older individuals above the age of 50. As we grow older, the cartilage that cushions our joints gradually diminishes, leading to painful rubbing of bone on bone. There are several different kinds of arthritis, but all of them involve the same problem, which is pain and inflammation in the joints. It is important to note that if your pain persists throughout the entire year, you consult your doctor about treatments that may be of a benefit to you.

But age isn’t the only cause of arthritis. Many athletes also tend to suffer from joint and muscle pain. In these cases, the pain doesn’t derive from the weakening of cartilage, but rather from overly strenuous work out routines. Athletes who continuously overwork their muscles often run into joint and muscle pain that can be especially debilitating as they grow older.
Luckily for both individuals and athletes, there are a variety of options to help minimise pain! Premax Original Muscle Cream is Australia’s most trusted massage cream, providing instant relief for even the most severe joint pain. Naturally made from a combination of beeswax, aloe vera, Vitamin E, lavender oil and peppermint oil, this cream is an excellent alternative to massage oils and carries a light, refreshing scent. Noted for its firm resistance, this cream allows the user to ‘gain traction’ to their painful area, making it easy to unknot tight muscle and joint pains. Premax Original is best suited to small to medium size treatment areas such as a calf, hamstring, neck or quadriceps and is perfect for both professional and at-home use. The muscle cream can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Sports Massages
  • Deep Tissue Massages
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Remedial Massages
  • Myofascial Release
  • Frictions
  • Neuromuscular Massages

Rehabilitating yourself from workout injuries or seasonal joint pain is easy with Premax massaging cream. To use, simply apply a small or large amount evenly to the affected area and massage as required. You will feel instant relief as you work out tense muscles and doing so will also promote blood flow to your joints, giving them the necessary nutrients and support they need to function properly.

Another problem that tends to arise during the winter season is dry, rough, or cracked skin. An added benefit of these creams is that they moisturize and help restore dead or dry skin cells. If you are experiencing any kind of joint pain—whether it be seasonal or due to physical activity—the Premax cream and lotion range can offer you the support and relief you deserve!


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