Thursday, November 17, 2016

3 Fantastic Holiday Gifts for Health-Conscious Friends & Family

November is finally here, and festive folk everywhere are prematurely prepping for the impending holiday shopping craze. When searching for presents, it’s important to select meaningful gifts for the special people in your life that align with their hobbies and interests. This might sound like an intuitive endeavor, but it’s often difficult to pinpoint the perfect gift for picky people—especially if they’re a bit of a Scrooge or grumpy Grinch.

Fitness enthusiasts can be a particularly difficult group to please. Most people during the holiday season indulge in a dessert or two (or a few), and slack a bit at the gym. Fitness gurus, however, often stay resolute in maintaining their diet and exercise regimen. Don’t make the mistake of baking Christmas cookies or giving a generic sweater—get a gift they’ll actually enjoy!

Luckily, we’ve taken the stress out of holiday shopping by compiling a brief gift-giving guide catered to your friend or family member who strictly adheres to their diet or religiously runs morning marathons. Here are a few functional gifts ideas for athletes:

1. Kinesio Tape
Kinesiology tape is an incredibly versatile gift that can be appreciated by any athlete looking for pain relief or exercise junkie looking for an improved range of motion. Putting undue stress on your muscles can lead to tenderness, and this tape effectively stabilizes tissue—preventing further injury and initiating internal healing.

By mirroring the elasticity of human skin, kinesio tape contours to the natural curvature of the human body and is easy to apply. To aid the rehabilitation process, simply slap a strip of tape to an ailing muscle group, and you’ll begin to experience relief. Tape isn’t just beneficial for injured athletes—it can be used in any situation for additional support and to boost performance. This holiday season, think about getting them some kinesio tape so they can improve their (probably) already awesome physical performance!

2. Muscle Cream
Relax, a little! Make sure your  friend or loved one unwinds by giving them a tub of physio massage cream. This cream provides the much needed traction and resistance needed to achieve the best results. When applied, these creams are the perfect tool for producing a relaxing Swedish, deep tissue or myofascial massage.

Athletes can also use this muscle cream for pain relief and for inflammation reduction. Apply physio tape to the desired muscle group and then liberally coat the surrounding area with lotion. For a gift that provides long-lasting pain prevention results, package a roll of kinesio tape with a jar of massage cream or lotion.

Massage oils are often greasy and unreliable. Premax massage cream has a smooth consistency and is easy to rinse off. All of our creams are crafted from natural ingredients like beeswax, aloe vera, vitamin E and olive oil. The recipient of your gift will enjoy a fragrant aroma of peppermint and lavender as soon as they twist off the jar’s lid!

3. Massage Ball
This gift recommendation also promotes relaxation and recovery because, let’s face it—sometimes health nuts need to de-stress. A massage therapy ball is perfect for practicing self-massage and for targeting uncomfortable areas like the lower back. Our spiky massage ball effectively stimulates muscle knots by increasing blood flow and increasing joint flexibility.

Best of all, massage balls are incredibly simple to use. To achieve results, simply slide forwards and sideways along the ball until the tension you’ve been experiencing has safely subsided. This is a quick, proven treatment for ailments like Repetitive Strain Injury, frozen shoulder and myofascial pain.

By referencing these healthy holiday gift recommendations, you can quit settling for generic holiday presents and start giving memorable gifts to your loved ones. Add a comment below with additional gift ideas and ways to incorporate fitness into your holiday routine! Browse iHealthSphere’s diverse selection of physio supplies for more fitness-related gift suggestions for athletes.


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