Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Benefits of TheraBand Resistance Bands and Tubing

TheraBand resistance bands are quickly becoming a popular way to both exercise and rehabilitate injuries due to their ease and effectiveness. Resistance bands work when you push your legs or arms away from your body, against the constraint of the rubber. Exercising with resistance bands or tubing can increase your strength, improve balance and, in some cases, decrease blood pressure.

But in the realm of resistance bands, one brand stands out among the rest. TheraBand is a popular choice among doctors and physiotherapists because of its quality, reliability, consistency and durability. Unlike some brands, TheraBand tubing doesn’t snap against extreme pressure and can withstand a high level of force . Even more, they are great for  increasing strength, mobility and can reduce pain associated with injury, old age or chronic conditions. So whether you’re  searching for a new exercise routine or looking to improve your range of motion and  flexibility of your muscles, TheraBand tubes and resistance bands are the go to  choice! 

TheraBand for Exercise
Some may say that traditional weight lifting is the most effective way to build muscles and increase strength, but many personal trainers and fitness aficionados have found that by using resistance bands, you’re able to increase your body’s muscle mass similarly to how you would with free weights – and sometimes, even better! This is great news for gym-goers who are looking to tone their bodies.

There are several resistance band workouts  you can try, including leg extensions, squats, lateral band walks and push-ups! Just make sure not to overwork your muscles by using too strong of a resistance band, especially if you’re prone to injury.

TheraBand for Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation exercises are important for those who are injured or are reaching the point in their lives where their muscles are weakening. While body weight exercises and stretches are helpful, they can only do so much. TheraBand resistance bands  provide users the unique ability to push past traditional limits of rehabilitation without over-exerting themselves. This type of band training can often lead to faster recovery times and increased mobility for the elderly by providing muscle strength improvements and heart rate functions!

Once you’ve decided to try out the TheraBand, you’ll find a variety of bands and tubes on our website. They vary in both length and colour. The colour depends on which muscle group you plan to focus on and which level of resistance you want. Beginning at tan, which is the easiest resistance, the range extends all the way to gold. A complete list is given below:

TheraBand Resistance Grades:
Tan: Extra light
Green: Medium level of resistance
Gold: Strongest resistance

To effectively use the TheraBands, all you have to do is position your muscles between the band, in order to create resistance. When you pull on the band, it will become harder to stretch, similar to a rubber band.

Long-lasting, strong and durable, TheraBand resistance bands will guide you through every workout and help you achieve your health goals. Shop with iHealthSphere today to find several different TheraBand options!

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