Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Product Spotlight: Thermoskin Knee Brace

If you suffer from leg problems such as arthritis, sprains, strains or feelings of weakness in general, everyday activities can be painful. Things like walking your dog or going up the stairs becomes a battle. When researching how to help arthritis pain, it may feel like your only option is surgery. But with the help of the ThermoskinThermal Knee Brace, you’ll soon find yourself doing regular activities without the cost or pain of surgery.

This knee brace for arthritis has been specially designed to give users optimal comfort and mobility so they can get back to their day-to-day lives. Complete with three dimensional layers, the exclusive lining provides insulation, air circulation and the wicking of moisture, which allows the skin to remain oxygenated and comfortable for extended periods of time. Using the patented Trioxon design, the light, but firm, compression counteracts with tissue swelling while simultaneously increasing blood flow, which together creates an enhanced recovery period.

One of the best features of this knee support is that it has been clinically tested to increase the skin and muscle temperature in order to reach the optimal level of heat therapy. Doing so increases the elasticity and reactivity of the muscle and allows the healing process to happen much faster. All in all, this arthritis knee wrap has everything you could possibly need to help your knee and get back on your feet.

The outer lining is nylon, the mid layer is rubber foam and the inner lining is polyester. Altogether, this wrap is soft and comfortable in order to provide you with added support  and comfort.. In fact, it’s so comfortable, you will probably  forget you  are wearing one! Available in sizes XS – XXL, caters for all shapes and sizes.  

Injuries this wrap is designed for:
  • Arthritis
  • Jumper’s Knee (Patella Tendon Overuse Injury, Patella Tendinosis, Patella Tendinopathy)
  • Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries
  • Runner’s Knee (Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome)

To use this arthritis knee support, apply the product so that the mid-section of the three-piece brace is directly over the knee patella. Be advised, do not wear within the first 72 hours of an acute injury. This product contains synthetic fibre, which may cause allergic reactions. Should an irritation or rash develop, discontinue use and seek medical advice. If pain persists, discontinue and consult your medical professional.

Our mission is to provide products that help prevent and relieve pain and let you  get back to doing what you love.  Browse the rest of our physio products.

5 Ways to Manage Arthritis Pain in the Winter

The winter weather is already tough, but when paired with chronic arthritis pain, it can be unbearable. Joints have a tendency to become increasingly sore during cold or wet weather. In fact, researchers at Tufts University in the US found that every 10-degree drop in temperature corresponded with an increase in arthritis pain. Therefore, managing joint pain in the winter months is a top priority. However, it is not always so easy to achieve. Read on to see our top five tips for arthritis pain in the winter!

  1.  Anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation  occurs when parts of your body become red in appearance,, swollen, and painful. For arthritis sufferers, this inflammation is located in the joints. Anti-inflammatory foods  assist by minimizing the severity of inflammation. Tomatoes, olive oil, spinach, kale, collards, salmon and fruit  are foods classified  as anti-inflammatories.  Phytochemicals, which are natural chemicals found in many anti-inflammatory foods, are also believed to help reduce inflammation. . In order to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, reduce your intake of saturated and trans fats, eat a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and cut down on  refined and processed foods. With an improved diet  alone, you can make  a tremendous impact on the way your joints feel in the winter.
  2. Hydrate. While it seems simple, hydration can be a major key to staying pain-free during the winter months. Dehydration has been shown to increase inflammation and cause lower back pain, further exacerbating the pain that many arthritis sufferers feel. Often people can  mistake symptoms of dehydration for regular joint pain, but treating it with pain-killers or other temporary solutions may eventually result in osteoarthritis. Keep a water bottle with you in winter to stay hydrated at all times.
  3.  Wear a support or brace. If diet and hydration aren’t cutting it for you, wearing a support or hinged brace  can assist in helping to improve your healing and minimise pain. Compression sleeves like the Thermoskin Knee Support provides compression and heat to aid in alleviating swelling. These types of braces also offer additional support during physical activity.
  4.  Warm water soaks. This is another simple but effective answer to joint pain, in addition to being a relaxing experience in general. Many physicians recommend soaking in warm water. Hotter water can put stress on the heart. Adding in Epsom salt can add magnesium, which is a crucial mineral for bone health. Additionally, stretching while in warm water can relieve joint pain and increase flexibility, and it’s much easier to do while soaking than while out of the tub.
  5. Exercises. While working out painful joints may not seem like the answer to arthritis pain, getting moving has been shown to be effective in releasing pain. However, it’s important to not overdo it – this can put unnecessary stress on the joints. However, modified yoga exercises and light cardio can increase the circulation of blood throughout your body, minimizing arthritis pain.

Winter can be a tough time for arthritis sufferers, however  keeping these simple tips in mind can produce a drastic positive difference to reduce your pain levels!