Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Top 5 Reasons to Start Resistance Training

New year, new you, right? Even though it is February, it's never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle. iHealthSphere has decided to highlight a great exercise technique that is often overlooked. Widely used by physical therapists and professional athletes, resistance training is a type of exercise that uses opposing force to strengthen and stretch muscles.

Traditional resistance training can include weights, but we suggest using resistance bands instead, such as our TheraBand resistance bands. Resistance bands or tubes offer more variation and can help you target smaller muscles that you may not reach by using hand weights or dumbbells. Because stretch bands or tubes have the ability to create resistance in all directions, they are one of the best ways to improve range of motion and coordination in stiff, overactive and even injured muscles.

We’ve outlined the top five reasons to start resistance training with stretch bands below: 

1.    Adaptable for Many Fitness Levels

Resistance bands come in a variety of tension levels based on the thickness and strength of the band, allowing the user to decide which resistance grade they want to use. The thinner bands offer the least resistance, while the thicker bands tend to be more difficult. Resistance bands can be used for training no matter what your athletic ability. Many physical therapists even recommend using stretch bands for rehabilitation after an injury or to improve joint rotation for those suffering from a chronic condition like arthritis.

 2. Add Variety to Workout

Because muscles are able to adapt to a continuous routine, using resistance bands can help add variety to your workout. From leg extensions to squats and bicep curls, resistance bands can be used to engage virtually every muscle in your body depending on the workout. Switching up the exercises daily or weekly is a great way to challenge and strengthen your muscles. 

3. Enhance Balance & Coordination

Using resistance bands often helps improve balance, coordination and stamina because multiple muscle groups are engaged at a time. This helps to strengthen key stabilisers, improving overall balance.

4.    Can Be Used Anywhere

A convenient benefit of resistance bands are that they can be used anywhere at any time. For instance, if you work in an office and you are sitting for long periods of time, take one to work with you and do some stretches during the day. If you are going on vacation, these bands are lightweight and can be packed in luggage easily for morning workouts. Resistance tubes or bands can also be combined with other equipment or routines to add more dynamics to your workout. Anyone can use resistance bands to improve range of motion and muscle strength.

5. Bands Are Cost-Effective
Exercise equipment can be extremely costly and require routine maintenance. However, resistance bands are very affordable and last a long time. Our TheraBand resistance tubing and bands can be purchased in different lengths with various prices based on thickness. No matter what your budget, these bands are a cost-effective way to improve your health and strength in the New Year


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